VERLE KÜCHEN is a brand that offers German kitchen furniture to size. Each collection is unique, designed and made with the greatest precision. The high degree of automation of production processes guarantees that the quality standard of German kitchen furniture is maintained at a very high level. We offer exclusive modern kitchens, classic kitchens and kitchens “right away” (dedicated to small apartments or apartments for rent) and accessories.

When designing kitchens, we remember that the kitchen is not only a place to prepare meals, but also a place for socializing, that’s why the kitchens we design are not only functional, but also unique. Remembering this, we offer you the highest quality materials, putting on style and convenience.

All kitchens are “made to measure” which allows you to take full advantage of the available space. You’re welcome!

modern kitchens

classic kitchens


Do you need a kitchen for a small apartment or a flat for rent? Do you want the kitchen to be solid and cheap? We have prepared a special offer for this occasion.


Professional equipment, from innovative high and under-bench lifts through intelligent solutions for corner cabinets to practical waste segregation systems, improve the comfort of work in the kitchen.


VERLE KÜCHEN kitchens meet strict standards and high standards, which is confirmed by appropriate certificates: