We are pleased to inform you that as a result of perfect cooperation with Falmec Polska, we have become members of the prestigious “Prestige Club” of Falmec, the world leader in the production of hoods. Therefore, you will receive a 5-year warranty on the Falmec products purchased at NP Studio.

The Falmec company was founded in 1981 in Italy. The company’s headquarters is located near Venice. Initially, it was a small craft company, but thanks to the huge experience in the design and production of kitchen hoods Falmec has become a world leader in the production of hoods. All products, from drawing to finished product, are created during a multi-stage process that takes place entirely at the company’s headquarters. In addition, Falmec products are characterized by high quality materials used for production, innovative technologies (such as the only NRS in the world, or E.Ion System) and a rich and distinctive design. All this means that Falmec hoods are among the best in the world. We are therefore proud of belonging to Falmec’s “Prestige Club”. We know that every hood on the Falmec offer is a top quality product, and now also with a 5 year warranty in NP Studio.

By the way, a few words about a few important issues regarding the correct selection and use of the hood …

The hood’s task is to absorb odors and fumes and to protect the wall, furniture and household appliances against fat deposits, so choosing the right hood is so important. A properly selected and installed hood is a guarantee of clean and fresh air in the kitchen. In this article, we present a few tips on choosing the right hood and its proper use.

Extraction or absorption…

The hood can work in extract or absorber mode. The choice of one or the other depends on the technical capabilities of the room. The hood working in extract mode is a device connected with a PVC pipe for ventilation in the chimney (open circuit). Then all the vapors and warm air produced in the cooking process are discharged outside the kitchen.

The absorber filters the air in the so-called closed circuit, which means that the air it takes is cleaned of fat, unpleasant odors and smoke, and then blown back into the kitchen. In addition it is necessary to use carbon filters that purify the air. These filters should be replaced once every 3-6 months depending on the intensity of cooking, with the exception of high efficiency filters, which are replaced every 3 years. This is necessary not only to provide clean and fresh air at home, but also for the protection of walls, furniture and household appliances against fat deposits.

What is important when choosing a hood…

Efficiency and volume are the most important determinants of choosing the right hood. Efficiency means the thrust of the engine. In order for the hood to work efficiently, the engine’s thrust and the width of the absorbing eaves should be selected accordingly. For example, in the case of a heating plate (induction, electricity and gas) with a width of 60 cm, the width of the eaves can not be less than 60 cm.

Many people run the hood only on the weakest thrust or even not start it at all because of the noise it generates. It is therefore important to check its volume at all levels of thrust before buying the hood. It is also worth mentioning here the NRS technology developed by Falmec. It is the only such solution in the world. Hoods made in NRS technology are the quietest hoods in the world – they work in the volume range from 31 to 51 db in the fourth gear.

It is worth mentioning here another innovative technology developed by Falmec, namely E.Ion System. E.ion System are the only hoods in the world that work in a closed circuit, purify, ionize and disinfect the air, which by converting electric charges from positive ions to negative ions improve the air quality in the room. Today, more and more people are looking for such solutions because we value clean and healthy air.


The modern hood is not only a device that is supposed to extract the fumes created during cooking. At present, the hood is also a very important decorative element of the kitchen. There are many types of kitchen hoods, from traditional hoods hanging on the wall, through the cabinet, free-hanging or island. One thing is certain, the beautiful and stylish hoods give the kitchen a charm and character. Here are examples of modern and stylish hoods: